Free US Shipping! Order before Valentine's Day 2024!
Free US Shipping! Order before Valentine's Day 2024!
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About Us ♡



My name is Joulene, and I am from Colorado.

I started my brand The Rose Bear Factory back in 2019 because I wanted others to express their love language of gift giving. There's so many ways to show your appreciation for a special person and what better way is choosing my shop to help with that. I am always here for my customers from the time they place their order to the moment of their loved one's reaction.

As a kid, I never thought I'd enter entrepreneurship but with your support, I am driven to provide you with the best gifts for those upcoming occasions. I have found a lot of enjoyment of hearing your stories about how your relationships with friends, family or a significant other changed your life, and that adds meaning to my small business when packing your order.

The Rose Bear Factory wants you to surprise your loved one the best way possible. I have bears in different colors and sizes, so I can't wait to see which one you choose.